The KIVOS concept

The KIVOS concept

KIVOS is a very flexible modular concept for plasma systems. These systems are applicable in a great number of fields, i.e. in fine cleaning, activation of surfaces, reactive ion etching (RIE) and coating (PVD). This concept enables AURION to manufacture highly developed products at a low price. Our customers benefit from this advantage through reasonable prices. Another asset is that one single concept can be used for entirely different applications.

The main idea of this concept is to make the highest possible number of system components easily interchangeable, meaning both interchangeable among each other and replaceable through new components, for example for a new application.

As can be seen in the diagram below, the basic element of the process chamber is a cube shaped stainless steel frame. Six sheet metal plates (modules), designed to fulfill different functions, are fixed to this frame. According to their application, the modules are manufactured from stainless steel or aluminum.

Since all of the modules have the same dimensions (cube!!!), they can be exchanged among each other or replaced through other components very easily and quickly. Thus, it is not necessary to get an entirely new process chamber for a slightly different application that may only require two new flanges or a different chamber door. In some cases, it might be sufficient to exchange two or three modules among each other.

Furthermore, the customer can select between different plasma sources (DC, MF, RF or MW), pumps, etc. The set-up of the system depends merely on the application - everything can easily be modified.

AURION currently offers three standard vacuum chambers. Different sizes are also available on request.

The complete system including pump(s), controlling means, generator, etc. is mounted on a stand which requires a maximum floor space of 1.5m². The total height of the system mainly depends on the size of the chamber. If you are interested in a system based on this concept, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Kivos vacuum chamber

The KIVOS vacuum chamber is currently available in three standard sizes:

Model dimensions (on the inside) chamber volume
KIVOS 350 350 x 350 x 350 mm 0,043 m³
KIVOS 500 500 x 500 x 500 mm 0,125 m³
KIVOS 750 750 x 750 x 750 mm 0,422 m³

Both sizes: 

material of the frame: stainless steel
material of the modules: aluminum or stainless steel
seals: VITON
leak rate: < 5×10-5 mbar×l/s
flanges: according to customer specification

Upon request, we manufacture chambers in any size up to a chamber volume of 1m³.


The internal equipment of the vacuum chamber which serves to hold and to handle the substrates is designed and manufactured according to customer specification.


Kivos 500
KIVOS 500 (without sheathing)

AURION plasma systems usually come mounted on a stand which can hold all of the components (chamber, pump stand, generators, control system). Due to its modular construction style, this stand is also very flexible and can easily be modified. Clean room sheathings are available on request.



The pumping station for vacuum generation is specifically designed for the individual applications. AURION makes use of all types of vacuum pumps, which are supplied by competent manufacturers. In most cases the following pumps are used:

  • Rotary vane pumps with a rated nominal throughput of max. 2.5 to 250 m³/h and an attainable limiting pressure of 5×10-3 mbar.
  • Roots blower pumps (in combination with the above mentioned rotary vane pumps) for a higher pumping capacity (>250 m³/h) in the same pressure range.
  • Turbomolecular pumps and turbo drag pumps with a rated nominal throughput of max. 33 to 2100 l/s and an attainable limiting pressure of < 1×10-6 mbar (in the KIVOS vacuum chamber).

Alle Pumpentypen stehen sowohl in Standard- als auch in Korrosivgasausführung zur Verfügung.


Electronic gas flow controllers are used for the different types of gases. Typical maximum quantities passing are 20 to 500 sccm/min.


Pressure measurements are conducted depending on the pressure range and the process gas with the appropriate measuring tubes.


AURION supplies complete plasma sources or, if requested, individual components. AURION is particularly competent in the area of RF (13.56 MHz) and has a comprehensive range of offers at its disposal. 

When it comes to generators, we are flexible in resorting to the products of well established suppliers. The following are standard frequencies and performance ranges used at AURION for plasma generation. 

DC: max. 0,5 - 20 kW
MF (40 kHz): max. 1,25 - 10 kW
HF (13,56 MHz): max. 0,3 - 10 kW
MW (2,54 GHz): max. 0,3 - 6 kW


Our control system is based on AURION's self-developed CAN concept, which makes it possible to meet even highly complex control demands in a modular way.

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