We are at your disposal

The stable structure of the AURION team allows customer communication with great personal continuity, also in the service area as in all other services. AURION customers not only know what they have, they also know who they have and who they can rely on.

Aurion's after-sales service reacts very quickly, with its usual competence and avoids economic losses for its customers through its unbureaucratic, flexible and immediate support.

AURION is happy to fulfill your requests for technological advice, e.g. in the selection of suitable surface treatment and/or coating processes. We help with the adequate design of plasma technology systems, e.g. with the electrode design for capacitive and inductive plasma sources including field calculations and advanced simulations.

Profitability calculations are an essential part of an investment. We calculate cost of ownership and amortization cycles.

For technical investigations and measurements, the analysis of our application laboratory is available to you as a service provider. Please contact us for profilometry, ellipsometry, IR spectroscopy, optical density and contact angle measurements (for indirect determination of surface energy).

Aurion also offers EMC measurements on your equipment and/or RF components on request. With our measurement equipment, E-field and H-field measurements can be carried out, especially with regard to personal protection.

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