We love the challenges...

... Thinking Ahead - and go!

We are an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified technicians, craftsmen and engineers. This includes the whole spectrum of special know-how in plasma technology and for system engineering in the fields of physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science. We specifically combine the experience of long-term employees with new and young colleagues to achieve an outstanding innovation potential. From this grow our creativity and the fun of all team members in thinking ahead for our customers.

The qualifications of all employees perfectly combine in the AURION project cycle. Conception, development, design, procurement, assembly, commissioning or service – all activities are coordinated very closely. Each colleague in his main emphasis is connected and related to all others tightly.

Seeing the bigger picture, fluent boundaries between departments and the comprehensive expertise of our employees are the essential ingredients for the secret of our company´s success.


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