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Part of a success story

With its many years of experience and expertise from the large number of its projects, the numerous innovations and its active and deep involvement in the research landscape, AURION Anlagentechnik GmbH has been an innovation driver and part of the success story of plasma technology for more than 20 years.

Since the beginning of its industrial application in the 1970s, plasma technology has undergone an extremely dynamic development and has become increasingly important. Today it is indispensable in almost all fields of surface treatment technology and is becoming the technically and economically optimal solution in more and more industries.

Aurion Plasmatechnologie
Aurion Plasmatechnologie

Every plasma application pursues specific goals and has special requirements and basic conditions. AURION's goal is to rethink the best way, starting from the specific challenge and ending with an individual solution. This results in the application innovation of the variable, flexible and modular AURION system concepts and components.

The typical AURION project cycle results in a customer-specific system or component that is closely coordinated with the customer in every phase of its development, always looking for the best specific solution and thus always thinking - and going - a new way.

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